Thursday, December 11, 2008

SBI Bank Zero Balance No Frills Saving A/c

Apply SBI Bank Zero Balance No Frill Saving Account Online

This account comes with very low minimum balances as well as low/ nil charges, to cater to the needs of individuals from the vast sections of population who are, otherwise, not fulfilling certain conditions of our existing Savings Bank account requirements. Details are as under:

Eligibility: Individuals of 18 years and above earning a gross income of Rs.5000/- p.m or less.

Mode of operation: Single/ joint

Initial deposit amount: Rs.50/- to open the account

Minimum balance: NIL

Maximum balance/ amount: Rs.10,000/-, being the total value of business connection of the account holder, including other deposit accounts.

Rate of interest: As applicable to Savings Bank accounts, if a minimum balance of Rs.500/- or more is maintained.

Cheque facility: Available.
ATM-cum-debit card: Will be issued free of charge.

Internet Banking facility: Not available

Number of accounts: Ordinarily, a customer will not be allowed to open more than one basic banking 'no-frills' account.

Pass book: Will be issued, updation will be permitted between 11th and 20th of the month.

Charges for availing services other than those covered here: The schedule of charges for availing services other than those covered in this product are being displayed in the branch premises/ notice board. These are also available in this web site under "Revised service charges, w.e.f. 11.02.2008".

Nomination facility: Available

Product available at: All branches, except Specialised branches.

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